Client Reviews / Testimonials 

Glenn Bryant, July 2018
Event Videography
Jul 17, 2018

Gordon edited a video for my wife's 50th birthday - a surprise present. I collected around 35 individual messages from friends and family, and sent them to Gordon to seamlessly put them together. He produced a final, 30-minute long video which was beyond awesome. Believe me! Without any prompting from me, he created fantastic lead-in title credits; added music throughout; and did a fantastic job for what was a special occasion. Above all, Juliet, my wife, was blown away. but so too was everyone else who attended our party. We showed the film on a projector from my laptop. It worked so well and was good enough to stand up to that scrutiny. People laughed, cried, cheered and clapped throughout. Unbelievable and Gordon played a large part in making that happen! He's brilliant, in brief.

Gordon is an amazing cameraman, he has a positive attitude and is a great person to work with. I have worked with him on numerous occasions and his work is second to none. Gordon can do amazing things with any location or backdrop, he is flexible in his approach to work. With his creative vision, he will make sure that we get the best video and sound. He also has a great sense of humour and is a genuinely an amazing person to work with. Highly recommended 5*****
Hiren Modha, Production Manager, My Health Specialist productions

Gordon is a gem - the perfect combination of skill and professionalism. I have never worked with a cameraman more skilled than he - and I have worked with an awful lot of cameramen in the last 25 years! We have from the outset presented him with a host of challenges, from cramped settings to noisy venues and unpredictable lighting - he takes it all in his stride, looks pensive for about 5 seconds then works his magic and gives us the perfect shot. Here is a man who can really make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. He is also a remarkable one man band, providing an end to end service including lighting, camera, sound and editing. The quality of the resulting production is second to none - frankly remarkable. We've already booked his next slot

Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP, MBE (Technical adviser for and frequently appears for BBC and ITV for medical advice)

 Gordon is a hugely experienced and talented lighting and cameraman that I've worked with on many occasions. He's incredibly versatile. Able to use his lighting skills to bring class to any situation and capture the moment at busy events with beautiful shots. I couldn't recommend him highly enough!
LEWIS DARBY, OWNER / PRODUCER YARDB STUDIOS, (Animation and Corporate video production company) 
(+44)7816 788 568,

"Working with Gordon is always predictable. We take him to a space with challenging lighting conditions, a limited lighting budget and half the time he'd like to set up. He shakes his head, mutters slightly then gets on with it. An hour later he's beautifully lit the space. He's great at collaborating to find shots and looks for each project, and comes up with good ideas even in the dullest of spaces. When time is short, I trust him to film cutaways while I brief the interviewee, knowing he'll 'build' the story by shooting a series of shots that cut together easily. Would recommend him for any job."
Gavin Ricketts, Creative Director, Napoleon Creative (Animation and Corporate video production company), 0207 739 8500, 
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Gordon has shot a number of jobs for us often in difficult situations where he has had to work alone without direction from us on site. He is very motivated and extremely good at working with the clients to get the very best from them and their locations. I would certainly recommend him as the shots always look good ...and that's what its all about!"
Richard Mansell, Owner / Senior Producer JB Communications, (Corporate Production Co.)
(+44)7767401695 ,

Worked with Gordon numerous times. He has a great eye and produces extremely reliable work. Always carries himself in a professional manner and is a joy to have around.
ALEX CHERRIE, ITN Producer, (+44)7725690273

Gordon has reliably and creatively lit and shot several of our productions and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again. From corporate comms to 100Mb interviews for cinema release, Gordon gets the pictures you want."
Joe Cogan, Producer, GroDigital
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