I have an Autocue / Teleprompter! For those presentations, pieces to camera and those who need  to remember lots of text, or a specific speech.

I love variety and work in many areas from national news for ITV news, BBC, Ch4 news, German, French and other foreign TV companies, to kids parties, videos for start ups and sole traders, business films with nicely lit talking heads and creative approaches with Testimonials and Explainers for Legal, Healthcare, GPs, Dentists and Doctors, Lawyers and builders too.

The more fun events are weddings to corporate events, the London marathon for RNIB to 'just edit' films for surprise  birthday presents, and In memory of lost loved ones. 

For BBC and ITV and Sky, I've filmed many MPs, politicians, Presenters, Prime Ministers, and household names in many Sports and Movies, having filmed many film Premieres for ZDF, ARD, GMTV and TF1 in Leicester Square and other places. I've done green Screen, Live TV News in all weathers, and time of day

I've filmed abroad in Moscow, Rome, Madrid, Sofia Bulgaria, Vietnam, the Philippines and Shanghai China. Also spent three weeks in Saudi Arabia filming in the desert.


We are all coming out of a hard 2020 and '21 looks hard too, so I try to be flexible and realise not  everyone has the same budget, and I try to get a realistic expectation from a client but put everything in to any job, big or small. So prefer to chat, discuss it, and price accordingly for a shoot, and edit or both.


I have three cameras, all shown on Page 1, tripods, radio mics, gun mics, lights, panel lights, (bi colour), slider, Ronin RS2 gimbal, various lenses, from 10 mm to 200mm.

Camera 1

This is my Panasonic 5000G news camera with radio mics and a fantastic massive zoom lens which is ideal for news, big events with people acting, or dancing on a distant stage or a speaker at a lectern at a conference. Great for Vox pop interviews, and fast moving events

Camera 2

This is my Panasonic Varicam LT camera for interviews and  talking heads and with the Autocue is ideal for doing a Presentation.

Camera 3

The  Canon EOS R DSLR on the Ronin RS 2 gimbal is very popular with a really good auto tracking focus function which means things stay in focus as you move round them, bringing smooth dynamic moves to every production. Lots of my work here shows that.

Camera 2.. The Panasonic Varicam LT

Camera 3 and Ronin RS 2 gimbal


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