Well its been very much Brexit related, and I work for lots of news organisations such as ITN, and ARD and ZDF (The main German public broadcasters) who are following every vote and twist towards March 29th.
But there are other stories of course, and on New Year's Eve I was on a boat in the English Channel looking for poor migrants, crossing from France, trying to land in the UK. 
The government announced a National Emergency because 20 arrived one morning in Kent..

And recently on Feb 14th, I filmed and got to meet two of the four members of Mumford and Sons. Sdly didn't get to meet the Banjo player, Winston, as I play Banjo too..badly! But it was nice to be there anyway.

Availability wise, its very short notice these days, so you are better phoning or emailing me for my AVAILBILITY. 
See you all soon,