Gordon Gronbach, Lighting Cameraman, Shoot / Editor, Videographer, Director of Photography

Contact: 07850 055628, Email gordongronbach@aol.co.uk

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 So what do you want in your Cameraman?

Someone who can light well, work quickly, whatever the location?

An experienced broadcast Cameraman, editor, and hard worker.

Be faced with any situation or location, and be able to direct you, shoot it, get good sound and pictures ?

Always looking to find a better shot for you or make it look better? 

A bit of a perfectionist? 

An easy going, professional, friendly and creative person to shoot and work and travel with? 

You just found him. 

I shoot in all sorts of genres, as you'll see here.

To do this, I have two fantastic cameras:


The Panasonic Varicam LT and 
The Panasonic 5000G.

The Varicam LT is the latest Panasonic Super 35mm Full sensor camera which uses Canon EF lenses. 
This is the camera I use for Corporate, documentary, Charity, promotional films, Explainer videos.

A wonderful tool with hand support, shoulder rig, and the best viewfinder in the business.

It shoots many formats, from 4K, to 2K, and HD (AVCI 100mbs). It shoots 240fps in 2K / HD, or 60P in 4k, 

The LT uses my Canon EF mount lenses, has a dual ISO setting of 800 or 5000 (great in low light) and also shoots in Pro Res.

It has a monitor / control panel connected by cable for ease of use by a Director / assistant camera.


The Panasonic HV AJ 5000G (2/3' chip) is  a perfect tool for News gathering, Live events, Conferences in big venues,  Sports, and is ideal for fast moving events.

 I use it for ITV news, CH4 news, ZDF TV (German TV), and international broadcasters. 
DVC Pro, Pro50, or HD 1080i 50mbs,  100mbs or 200mbs.

I am a news cameraman too, and this is great for outside Courts, and doing Lives from Downing Street and Red Carpet Leicester Square Film Premieres.

Its pretty good in low light too, for a 2/3" chip camera. I use it frequently for news as a news camera and at night it is very effective.

 For the News Camera
I have a Canon HJ 22 servo zoom (7.6mm to 168mm plus doubler) Perfect for big rooms!

For the Varicam
14mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm Lenses, Sony OLED monitor, Dedo and KinoFlo lights, an extendable 2m iFootage 'Shark' slider

I have two sets of Rode and Sony Radio mics 

Radio Clip mics,  2 x ECM 77 clip mic (wired)  Rode 'Gun mic', Reporters mic, mic stand.

I have a 9' x 6' Green Screen

Kookikit Gobos for lighting. You'll like what they can do. Dappled sunshine in even the worst of rooms!

I do all sorts of shoots, from hard news to Corporate promotional things, explainer videos, training films,  documentary style features for all sorts of broadcaster to Sports and studio shoots..and can make use of any location with lighting, imagination and good humour!

Please ring for a chat or a quote..
I'll do my best to fit in your budget.
I won't be the cheapest quote, nor most expensive, but you'll know that you'll get a proper experienced, and imaginative cameraman. 
Surely you need to look good and get the best.
Speak soon,